A fundraiser for the Topanga Community Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

All You Need to Know

TopangA Days Rules

  1. Have fun & be respectful
  2. Due to new permit restrictions ABSOLETELY NO SMOKING AND NO VAPING ON SITE
  3. No Pets inside the festival grounds. Service animals with credentials are welcome.
  4. No glass permitted. All glass will need to be left at security.
  5. No outside food or drink – NO OUTSIDE alcohol.
  6. No illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks, drones or nitrous tanks are allowed on (or above) TCC grounds.
  7. No unauthorized vending is permitted, apply for a vendor spot at topangadays.com.
  8. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Anyone 21+ will be asked to get a wristband if they plan to be drinking at Topanga Days.
  9. Bicycles must be parked near ticketing. TCC not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.
  10. Respect the environment. Please use trash and recycling containers, and sort your trash correctly.
  11. Park only in designated areas. If your vehicle is found in an unauthorized area it will be towed and a fee will be assessed.
  12. Please be prepared for a bag search at the main ticket gate BEFORE showing your proof of purchase.
  13. Listen to and be respectful to all staff members, whether it is a volunteer, security attendant, Sheriff’s deputy, CHP officer or your MOM!

Shuttles & Parking

The shuttle stops are listed below and shuttles will run from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm throughout the day. They are located on or near Topanga Canyon Blvd. between Old Town Center and Viewridge Estates. Watch for shuttle signs. NOTE: if shuttles are not full, they will pick up people at Cheney Dr or the bottom of the TCC driveway. 

When parking on Topanga Canyon Boulevard, please park inside the white line or you will be towed. Cars blocking driveways or other access ways will also be towed. We aim for shuttles to run every 10-15 minutes, so please be patient!

Be sure to park legally on the road – clear of the white line (to the right of) or you WILL be towed.
On Cheney, Canyon Trail, Happy Trail & Summit – if you block fire truck access you will be towed.

We do not recommend parking on those streets.

There will be a temporary tow lot on Monday, May 25th at the end of Viewridge Rd but best to just be careful. Please help us keep the roadways clear & safe by parking responsibly.

Shuttle Stops

Location (Read from top to bottom / North to South) Landmark or Address
1 - Viewridge Estates Viewridge Estates Sign
2 - Old site of The Corral (East side of Blvd.) At Santa Maria Road
3 - Turnout (East side of Blvd.) Look for flying pig
4 - Kelly Gulch Blackberrt Creek Farm At Rubicon Rd
5 - Community House (no parking here) Community House
6 - North of Oakwood (East and West sides)
7 - Froggy's Fish Restaurant (West side of Blvd.) Parking behind Froggy's now available Froggy's Fish Restaurant (West side of Blvd.)
8 - Topanga School Road Bridge at Topanga School Road
9 - Topanga Market Parking Lot at Endless Color Pizza Endless Color – Parking Lot
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